Be people-oriented and respect others.
Houji capital was established in August 2011, mainly engaged in asset management, equity investment management, investment consulting and financial consulting business. Companies focus on investment in agriculture, consumer goods, health care, financial services, education and other valuable companies. The senior management team of Houji capital has many years of experience in business management, investment management and capital operation. They are well versed in business management and have a deep understanding of domestic and foreign capital markets, in the company...


With a people-oriented and respect-for-others philosophy, Houji is committed to becoming a trusted and respected Financial Services Company. Today’s Houji capital, although it has just emerged, but we are rooted in the vast soil of China’s capital market, born and raised here, we uphold the spirit of “Carrying things with kindness”, always adhere to the core concept of “Help others to achieve success”, share the success of the sun, grow up, sink down, become a lush, evergreen trees.